Our top 5 reasons for learning to swim as an adult

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Posted by: Trevor Riches. 20th February 2015.

Here at Ard na Ciuin we provide residential one to one adult swimming lessons. As a result of our fresh approach, we have taught numerous adults to swim, including those who were scared of the water and others who thought they were too old to learn!

Over the last few years we’ve asked our guests to give their reasons for learning to swim. Some are what you might expect and others might come as a bit of a surprise! Here are the ones that made it in to the top 5.


Unsurprisingly, health reasons are the run-away leader at the top of the list. Many adults decide to learn to swim after recommendation from their Doctor.

To swim, even though you don’t need to think about it specifically, you use many different muscle groups all over your body.

This not only helps to keep your brain active but, in turn, builds your physical strength, helps your strengthen bones & joints, increases your metabolism and helps your cardiovascular system.

Great! But what does that all mean for you?

Basically, it means you’ll be able to move around more freely, find your weight easier to control, breathe more easily and stay younger for longer too.

Now, that’s good news!


At number two, initially this one came as a surprise, but really it shouldn’t.

Many people who go through life not being able to swim spend a lot of time avoiding situations.

As children, it could be avoiding the swimming pool, lake or beach with school friends during summer holidays. As adults, it could be that you avoid using a Hotel pool during a business seminar or even not going on that boating trip with family.

Overcoming a long held personal anxiety is a real triumph and physical exercise such as swimming helps to increase your self-esteem.

Personal Safety

Believe it or not, this one doesn’t generally refer to the adult in question. It’s the personal safety of their children that they have in mind. In 2012, The W.H.O. revealed that drowning is the 3rd leading cause for unintentional death with our children among those most at risk.

As adults, we have more power over where we go and what we do from day to day. But when our children need help or reassurance and ask us to “come into the water” it’s a powerful incentive to start learning in order to ensure they are safe.

A Social Skill

Swimming as ‘social skill’, made it into our top 5 reasons for learning to swim as an adult also. Although some women told us they intended going for a weekly swim, followed by a chat over coffee with friends, it was the growing birthday trend for mother and toddler swimming classes that loomed large in their minds.

These days, with the whole world watching our every move on social media sites it’s clear that being able to swim is a necessary social skill to many.


Swimming is great fun!

But the reason that it’s only just scraped into the top 5 on this list is because, if you can’t swim how could you know? Like most pastimes, the more proficient you become at it, the more you forget trying to do it and the more you start having fun!

If you would like one to one lessons, to learn how to swim in a warm and private pool that has no deep end, we can help.


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“Learnt to swim and had a great break- highly recommended”

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