Environmental policy

The 15 acre farm at Ard na Ciuin has been farmed in accordance with organic principles since 2001

  • The produce from the farm is used by the family, guests, staff and livestock. Surplus seasonal produce, if not used fresh, is preserved and used out of season or traded with suppliers, other organic farmers, artisans and local people for items that we cannot produce ourselves.
  • Objects are upcycled and repurposed wherever possible.
  • Courses in living a sustainable, modern, self-supporting life are offered in an on-going basis in order to support and encourage others to care for their surroundings in the same manner.
  • Artificial nitrogen fertilizers have never been used during the current ownership of Ard na Ciuin and it is unlikely that the former owners ever used applied chemicals in favour over farmyard manure.
  • Ard na Ciuin primarily uses solar panels to heat the swimming pool and domestic hot water. This does, however, result in seasonal closure of the pool.
  • In order to minimize use of oil fired central heating a multi-fuel/wood pellet boiler is being saved for, and a homemade geo-thermal heating system has been designed and will be installed soon.
  • Timber for space heating is sourced from the felling, maintenance and replanting regime in place at Ard na Ciuin or has been traded for surplus produce with a local tree surgeon or managed woodland supplier.
  • Insulation and damp proofing are of the highest standard.
  • Bio-degradable bags are used for bathroom waste.
  • Low energy light bulbs are used throughout the property.
  • Suitable waste is composted and re-used as a mulch/soil conditioner.
  • Our windows have Argon filled double glazed panels.
  • We use only environmentally friendly cleaning products.
  • Guest are asked to support our Environmental policy by
  • Using the special bins provided for glass bottles, cans, plastic and paper, and kitchen waste.
  • Place as used batteries and empty aerosol canisters in special bin provided for safe disposal.
  • Never leave taps running.
  • Reduce their carbon footprint by buying locally in the Ballyduff shop.
  • Enhance the beauty of the Blackwater Valley area by leaving no trace of their visit.

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Ard Na Ciuin
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