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A 3rd option for adult swimming lessons in west Waterford.

Until recently, if you live in or around the West Waterford area and wanted to learn to swim, you only had 2 options. Option 1.  Public pools. The public swimming pools in the local area had provided a much needed service for many years. Teaching both adults and children in weekly group classes takes a…

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Spring-time Quiche

Posted by: Lynette Hart. 25th March 2015 Spring has finally arrived at Ard na Ciuin and the longer days mean our Light Sussex hens are laying more and more eggs every day. Also, at this time of year I usually have a string or two of onions left over from last year’s crop which need…

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Swimming (2) - Copy

A fresh approach for Learning to Swim as an Adult

  Posted by: Trevor Riches. 1st March 2015. Starting out  As a teenager I became qualified in life-saving and took a part time job as a lifeguard; I was given the job of guarding the kid’s pool, full of children pushing each other into the pool and seeing who could stay underwater the longest! For…

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which direction to get what you want

Why are some people able to get what they want?

Posted by: Trevor Riches. 27th February 2015. How is it that some people seem to be able to get almost all the things they want in life? Is it luck? or God? or are they simply destined to have it easy? as if some unseen force is working to ensure that they have it all.…

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Waterford guesthouse

The Ard na Ciuin story

In 1970, after a family farm holiday in Somerset, UK, Trevor, only a small boy then, proclaimed to his parents that one day he would have a farm and animals of his own when he grew up. Over the next decade his love of nature, the countryside, and the desire to keep animals grew.  Some…

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What is hydrotherapy and how it can help you?

  Posted by: Trevor Riches. 18th March 2015 As a man that has had too many broken bones, a number of surgeries and arthritis in my knee I feel I’m fully qualified to write about the benefits of hydrotherapy! Hydrotherapy is a type of physiotherapy that takes place in the water. As well as exercising…

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Salmon Fishing in Ireland

Why choose Salmon Fishing on the River Blackwater?

  Just so we’re all on the same page; well..river actually! The River Blackwater in Co.Waterford, sometimes called The Munster Blackwater, is the one I’m referring to here. For years now we’ve been listening to fishermen talking about water temperature and gauge height, air temperature and water clarity. Topics for discussion over breakfast include grilse,…

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overcome your fear of water without stress

7 things to understand before you can overcome your fear of water.

  Posted by: Trevor Riches. 11th March 2015. Your fear of the water will have been an intensely personal part of your life so far, and here are 7 things you will need to understand before you can begin to overcome of that fear. Everyone has fears.  It’s completely natural and normal to be scared,…

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Improve your swimming – 2 drawbacks and 1 solution for newcomers

  Posted by: Trevor Riches. 11th March 2015. Back in 2009 when we launched our 5 day residential course for teaching people to swim we had no idea it would be such a huge success! So, after being featured on RTE TV in April 2013 it was great to know we are providing as service…

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Large vegetable plot - Ard na Ciuin - Copy

Why grow your own food? Just a lifestyle choice? Hard work? Or is there more to it?

  Posted by: Trevor Riches. 25th February 2015. At Ard na Ciuin we wholeheartedly embrace the philosophy that Slow Food envisions; a world in which all people can access an enjoy food that is good for them, good for those who grow it and good for the planet. I’ve been interested in growing food off…

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Guesthouse Waterford

“Learnt to swim and had a great break- highly recommended”

Ard Na Ciuin
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