The swimming pool

The swimming pool here at Ard na Ciuin is available to guests whilst staying on one of our residential courses and certain packages.
Our pool is known as an Endless Pool™ and at first glance looks too small for swimming, but appearances can be deceptive!

Although compact in size our pool can be used for a variety of uses including, learning to swim and even endurance training.

Our pool is equipped with a unique ‘flow’ mechanism that can be turned on or off. The flow can be fully adjusted from a very gentle ‘drifting along’ to a powerful ‘race’ speed.

Our top 5 reasons for learning to swim.

Swimming in an Endless Pool is akin to walking or running on a treadmill in a gym.

The pool is open from 8am – 9pm. and is available for use in 1 hour sessions.

Custom built to our specifications, the water in our private pool is perfect for swimming but as you are never out of your depth there is no lifeguard present.

Guesthouse Waterford

“Learnt to swim and had a great break- highly recommended”

Ard Na Ciuin
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