The Hot Tub

The Hot Tub here at Ard na Ciuin is a wonderful way to relax.

This state of the art ‘Hotspring’ hydro-massage spa is equipped with a number of comfort settings and is fully adjustable to target different muscle groups after swimming, hydrotherapy sessions or indeed just to ‘chill out’!

Our Hot tub is housed in our all-weather gazebo and has panoramic views over the surrounding countryside. General use of our Hot tub is included with your accommodation so just tell us when you want to use it and we will remove the insulated safety cover for you to step in and relax!

4 benefits of using a hot tub.

The Hot tub is available for general use from 8am – 9pm with extended availability on exclusive use packages.

Find out how to book the Hot tub for your exclusive use:

Hot tub package

As the spa is constantly powered on, the water is kept around 38°c and is ready when you are.

All water is constantly filtered using the tri-X filter system, and even when the spa is not in use the water is continually filtered 15 times an hour.

Please note:

  • General use allows other guests to use the Hot tub at the same time.
  • Suitable swimwear must be worn at all times and no food items are to be consumed in the Hot tub.
  • All guests are required to shower before entering the Hot tub.
  • Fake tan can be removed by the sanitizers used in the Hot tub water.
Guesthouse Waterford

“Learnt to swim and had a great break- highly recommended”

Ard Na Ciuin
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