Get in, warm up, chill out! – 4 benefits of using a Hot Tub


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Posted by: Trevor Riches.   14th February 2015

Everyone knows how relaxing it feels to just lie back and soak in the bath, and we have all seen those images of people in an outdoor hot tub over-looking wonderful views whilst sipping a drink.

Hydro-massage spas, equipped with the latest, state of the art massage jets that pamper your feet, arms, shoulders and back, you really do have the option of a whole body hydro-massage.

So what are the benefits of using a hot tub? Here are the results of a recent survey.


Soaking in a hot tub is well known for helping people to relax. After a hard day there’s nothing like feeling of swirling warm water to help provide the ultimate relaxing experience.

Even a few minutes in warm water can help your mind and body relax for hours afterwards, but it’s not just about relaxation.

Health benefits

Using a hot tub has been proven to have real health benefits for people suffering with painful or stiff joints such as arthritis or conditions such as fibromyalgia. People who suffer with headaches and insomnia also find that using the soothing effect of warm water helps to ease their problems.

Happy families

In a fast paced world it’s easy to overlook the importance of taking some time to talk to each other. Couples who spend time relaxing and talking in a hot tub away from computers, phones and TV’s find the quality of communication they share helps them to reconnect in their relationship.

Me time

Most Hot Tubs in hotel spas or swimming pools are busy with people trying to relax. Finding a facility where you can have some alone-time to ‘chill out’ in a hot tub is a real treat!

Enjoying the feeling of warm water whilst benefiting from the hydro-massage jets helps your brain to release ‘feel good’ hormones in your brain called endorphins. This in turn helps you to lift your mood and feel better about..well, everything!

So there you have it! 4 reasons to treat yourself to luxury accommodation with a Hot Tub  as if you needed 4!

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