Ard na Ciuin is an idyllic rural retreat with facilities unique to the region. Learn to swim, find new direction, or just relax and recover in peaceful, holistic surroundings.

Enjoy our warm welcome and our first class service.

After the perfect night’s sleep, far from traffic noise and away from the ‘rat race’ wake up to incredible views across the Blackwater valley and beyond.

Savour delicious home cooking made with fresh seasonal ingredients produced right here on our organically run 15 acre homestead.

Take time to explore the area or stay close to home and develop new life skills, safe in the hands of our experts.

With forest trails and mountain views right on our doorstep you won’t need to walk far to find inspiration and nature at its best.

Family run, we know the true meaning of hospitality and we’ll ensure your stay feels like a “home from home without having to lift a finger!”

Your very own Ard na Ciuin experience is only a ‘click’ away!

Step inside, have a look around!

Waterford guesthouse


Enjoy an engaging residential course whilst you recharge on a luxurious break, in a character property set in idyllic & peaceful surroundings.BROWSE COURSES

Exclusive use


Make our place your place, with one of our exclusive use packages; from a one-night Hot Tub Package, to a week-long stay.


Special offers


Check out our latest offers including discounts & advance purchase rates; or buy one of our gift vouchers as a treat for that special person! OFFERS & VOUCHERS

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